Fraport Greece is celebrating the first five years of dynamic presence in Greece – a milestone highlighted by one of the largest private investments in the country, the company’s successful course of action and operational expertise, and its expansion and modernization of the 14 regional airports.

The “foundations” of this important investment were laid on April 11, 2017, when Fraport Greece took on the great responsibility of operating, managing and completely transforming these regional airports in Greece.

The €440-million investment program was particularly challenging because it had to be implemented as a multi-level project simultaneously at 14 diverse locations across the country.

The company successfully delivered the upgraded airports three months earlier than the contractual obligation.

On May 19, 2021, a symbolic event of national significance was held at Thessaloniki “Makedonia” Airport to inaugurate, at one time, all of these landmark gateways for Greece’s tourism industry and economy.

This required vision, determination and a high level of cooperation with all stakeholders.

As a result, this total transformation of the airports that is benefitting Greek tourism can be visibly seen. Continuing this important mission, Fraport Greece is committed to the same reliability and values as the company focuses on further developing Greece’s tourism product, enhancing the travel experience for both Greek and international passengers, as well as serving the local communities where it operates.

On the occasion of completing five years of the company’s presence in Greece Fraport Greece CEO, Mr. Alexander Zinell, said: “We are very happy and proud for these past five years of dynamic presence in Greece. During this time, we have successfully implemented an emblematic investment project.

By redeveloping the 14 regional airports, we have also demonstrated exactly what the public and private sectors can achieve when working effectively together. We witness real growth and we all move one step closer to achieving the goals of tomorrow. Fraport Greece will continue to play a leading role in upgrading the travel experience for visitors, while effectively supporting local communities, and always being guided by sustainable development.”

Fraport AG’s CEO, Dr. Stefan Schulte, commented on the significance of Fraport Greece’s fifth anniversary of operations: “From the very first day of starting up operations simultaneously across 14 island and mainland airports, we have set an international benchmark for managing multiple-airport concessions. Together with Fraport Greece, the achievements of the past five years have been nothing short of remarkable.

In the middle of the pandemic and ahead of the contractual deadline, Fraport Greece last year completed the huge redevelopment program for all of the airports. These newly transformed gateways put Greece in a very strong competitive position, which was already proven by Fraport Greece’s successful traffic rebound that began with the restart of European travel last summer.”