The Mill of Elves is the largest free Christmas theme park in Greece. For 9 years it has offer free admission, free activities and countless surprises.The 10th edition by the Municipality of Trikala and e-Trikala S.A. has already started.

“The Legend of the Christmas Knight”

Knights of another age appeared and guarded our beloved Mill from the invaders. They were hosted in the fairytale castle created by Santa Claus and the elves and will accompany us this Christmas in the city of Trikala. The peaceful and gentle Knights will tell us a special, human and touching story with values and ideals for people and the environment.

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The Mill of Elves

The Mill of Elves will open its gates on 3 December 2021 and will be open until 6 January 2022. It is a special year and we hope that we can all meet again in the Christmas capital and experience, in a safe environment, the magic of Christmas that we have missed so much.

This year is the starting point of an effort, our country and the whole planet are emitting S.O.S. and we must all try to lay the foundations for a better tomorrow.

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The Mill of Elves

Through the fairy tales of the Knights we will learn about the consequences of the climate crisis, but also about the ways and habits we must acquire in order to hand over to future generations a sustainable planet that they deserve.

The organizers of the Mill, in collaboration with the professionals who will participate, have decided to say STOP to single-use plastic. Every effort seems difficult at first, but with willpower and patience anything can happen. We will learn to protect the environment and people by making small changes each time in our habits.

The effort starts here at the Elves’ Mill by sorting waste at the source, using disposable materials that are environmentally friendly, using renewable energy sources, processing organic waste to create compost, saving energy, being properly informed about marine pollution and the ecological awareness we all need to acquire.

With the help of the Knights of Christmas and Santa Claus, who this year is dressed in green especially for this purpose, we will defend our Fortress, which is none other than our planet!

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The Mill of Elves